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 Apo    07 Sep : 23:47
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For a while now .sG has released the odd map here or there.

For a while now .sG has released the odd map here or there. Many of you are probably aware of .sG server tools which we use on our server to try and help improve gameplay. Recently it was decided to release some of .sG Server Tools functionality to the general public. So to begin with the following mutators are now available in our downloads section

  • .sG Connection check - A tool that checks peoples ping and packet loss to see if it exceeds the limits.
  • .sG Bet - A tool that allows players to be on the outcome of the match and try to win money.
  • .sG Scheduler - A tool that lets you schedule certain things to happen on certain days of the week or when a certain player count is reached.

We hope that you will all get much use out of them and that they help enhance your server. In the future we hope to bring out the following mutators: .sG Fat boy, .sG Camp check, .sG Nade & Suicide Check and perhaps .sG Name check.

All of these new mutators can be found in our downloads section.
There is also discussion threads on the forum for report problems asking for help and for requesting features.

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