.sG` Clan War Details

Date (GMT+1) 28-07-16 17:00 ( Thursday )
Game Tactical Ops 3.4
Type Team Deathmatch
League ClanBase

Opponent Tag [+net.s]
Opponent Name Net Strikers
Opponent Website http://nets.forumcommunity.net/

Number Of Players 3 vs 3
Server 50/50
Info / Report
They had a very slow playstyle and combined with the 4 minute round time resulted in a slow and bit frustrating first map. Nevertheless, we still managed to win their map (RapidWaters) and continued to dominate them on ours (IcyBreeze).

Map Clan Score Opponent Score
15 9
18 6
Result Won

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2 .spoD^ Profile
3 MARTY Profile

screen 1
screen 2
screen 3
screen 4

Submitted by: MARTY

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War Info
29 - 19 [FFD]
30 - 18 [+net.s]
33 - 15 [+net.s]
38 - 10 GY
29 - 19 Net Strikers

Total 40
Won 31 78%
Lost 9 23%
Draw 0 0%