Semi-Admin Rules & Policy

Admin Rules
1.1 You must agree to all of our server and clan rules.
1.2 You may use your privileges to ban cheaters or people disrupting game-play.
1.3 You must not disclose the admin password or share your site account.
1.4 You must be active on the .sG site
1.5 You must not change map without good reason

Ban Reasons
2.1 You must not ban or kick anyone for fun.
2.2 You must not ban for the following: camping, non disruptive noobs
2.3 Only cheating should receive a permanent ban where possible use a temp ban.
2.4 You must always give a ban reason or the ban will be removed
2.5 Bugging, serious flaming & persistent faking should receive a 1 week ban
2.6 You must not ban a member of .sG

Last updated: 25/10/2016