Rules & Policy

1.1 Members may not cheat1.
1.2 Members may not use bugs.
1.3 Members may only be in one clan.
1.4 No faking on sG private servers (use your real sG name).
1.5 All members must keep their name up to date on the clan members page.
1.6 Members are expected to be pleasant to other people especially fellow sG members.
1.7 Faking other players is unacceptable.

2.1 Members may only do an official match2 with the permission of an War manager or above.
2.2 If an official match2 is done screen shots of the scores must be done by all playing members.
2.3 Members must respect their opponents3.
2.4 Wars must be done on a cheat protected server.
2.5 Under no circumstances are you to allow a ringer to play in a official match2.
2.6 If the opponent has no website official match2 losses will not be posted to our site.
2.7 An official match2 must be at least a 3 on 3 or bigger.

3.1 Only leaders and the person who brought the server will get full admin.
3.2 Under no circumstances should the admin be given out to anyone not even a leader.
3.3 A level of semi admin will be given to each member sufficient enough to control the server as intended.
3.4 Never kick a sG member.
3.5 Always use mapvote to vote for the next map unless its a war/training session or if you are alone in the server.
3.6 Do not summon things for the sole benefit of yourself.
3.7 Never change the weapon stats.
3.8 Always respect players of the server and only ban for cheating or temp ban for bugging.

Site & Member Recruitment
4.1 All members must register on the Site.
4.2 All people wanting to join MUST send an application applying to join sG at
4.3 An applicant must contact an Try-Out manager or above to arrange a try out.
4.4 Someone who is not on the sites member list is not permitted to join the Clanbase team.
4.5 Applicants requirements
4.5.1 Good game-play (this is the ability to aim well and use common sense).
4.5.2 Good game knowledge and use of tactics.
4.5.3 Good communication skills particularly spoken English.
4.5.4 Good teamwork and use of information.

Language & Teamspeak
5.1 The official language of sG is English no exceptions.
5.2 You may only speak another language if everyone you are with can understands you.
5.3 All members must use teamspeak while playing.
5.4 Members must not abuse any privileges gained on Teamspeak.
5.5 Members are expected to have a clear working mic so they can use Teamspeak
5.6 Members must have a good level of written and spoken English

Training & Activity
6.1 Training sessions will be posted on the training manager.
6.2 All members must indicate if they will or will not be attending the training on the training scheduler tools > training schedule.
6.3 Members are expected to attend every training session
6.4 Members must play frequently (min of 3 hours a week)
6.5 Members are expected to be active in game, on the forum and on Teamspeak.

Ignorance of the rules is no defence.

1 - Cheating is anything that give you a unfair advantage over other players this includes but is not limited to modifying game files, tweaking inis, running hooks or other forms of cheats
2 - An official match is one done by a league/tournament site or a clan war(CW)
3 - This includes but is not limited to no crying and flaming.

Last updated: 17/11/2016