Server Bans

Below is a list of bans for all our servers:

.sG Public Server 1 [
Total Bans: 89
Name Duration Reason
Germany Wutzi_der_Waldmensch 2018-02-28 21:55
Poland [bW]Krefcik Perm nade switcher
Europe IGM Perm Aimlock evading
Poland [bW]Krefcik Perm evade
Algeria Ssundee Perm ban evading go to forum
Italy Painful_death Perm tempkickban
Ukraine Player62119 Perm Proxy
United_Kingdom FeniFidiFici Perm radar+usebugs
Romania rodwity_widewizak Perm Proxy go to sto-gaming
Jordan NoMight Perm teamkilling cunt
Algeria Zac Perm ban evading
Japan Player38113 Perm aimbot
Algeria Zac Perm evading
Algeria xius Perm Aimbot
Poland _bee_fu Perm aimbot (Caramel)
Germany Lion_Turk Perm Aimbot (Caramel)
Czech_Republic TO3.6 Perm aimbot
Germany Player64918 Perm
Poland lol Perm ban evading+
Poland Vanilla Perm Aimbot
United_Kingdom mph Perm Jack_waffles
Germany Nato-TR Perm aimbot (N)
Poland [PL]Krime Perm aimbot (N)
United_Kingdom mph_:)_:) Perm go to and stop evading
Poland mph_:) Perm this isnt making it any better
United_Kingdom name_mph Perm evading
Czech_Republic Mentalist Perm Aimlock (N)
Poland mph9 Perm Radar
Sweden mph8 Perm Radar
Netherlands mph7 Perm Radar
United_Kingdom mph5 Perm Radar
United_Kingdom mph4 Perm Radar
Europe mph3 Perm Radar
Jordan Mn(R) Perm Aimbot toggle (N)
Ireland mph1 Perm Radar
Iran mphcheater Perm hax
United_Kingdom mph2 Perm Radar
Poland mph Perm Radar
United_Kingdom Painfull_death Perm faker
Portugal Insight Perm Radar (N)
Poland gtr Perm radar
Egypt MOrgan Perm Radar (Zee)
Poland gtr Perm radar
Germany DRB Perm Aimlock (N)
Europe speed sexual harassment Perm speed sexual harassment
United_States speed sexual harassment Perm speed sexual harassment
Chile Ragnar Perm radar (Yoda)
Germany Arschfick Perm Aimbot
Europe Krull Perm aimlock (N)
Germany Buddy Perm aimlock (N)
Brazil [ISLAMIC-STATE]AGRAB Perm evading (Yoda)
Brazil Slayer Perm Aimbot (N1 & Peter)
United_Kingdom joltz Perm Evading
Netherlands espned Perm aimlock (N)
Palestinian s!nZlaT Perm aimlock (N)
Palestinian Garazrz Perm bot
Palestinian V Perm aimbot
Palestinian Player70422 Perm rdr & aim
Netherlands kamikaze Perm aimlock (N)
United_States Sr.mute_and_ban Perm Radar (Kaivo)
Europe Duke Perm aimbot
Morocco looby Perm aimbot (vengje)
United_States morad Perm radar, trigger
France Beauzizi Perm Aimbot (N)
United_States Player71814 Perm Aimbot
Chile Killer Perm radar
Germany Crow Perm aimlock (N)
Russia SONY Perm Aimbot (Snow)
Germany Allah.Tr Perm Aimbot (Mgross, Kaivo)
Netherlands Kosa^^ Perm Vision Assistance (N)
United_States Uncle-$am Perm ban evading
United_States Proxy Perm Proxy
United_States Proxy Perm Proxy
Brazil Genius Perm Aimbot (Speed, Snow)
Austria [ASFZ]-=buck=- Perm radar + aimlock
Argentina Dontian Perm Ban evade
Brazil Anbou~ Perm aimbot
Mexico (-BURZUM-) Perm Radar (kaivo)
Brazil /.NiCE-Sh0T./ Perm trigger
United_Kingdom prostyleZ` Perm flaming + wallhack
Brazil Perm Aimbot
Romania DOCTORU[RO] Perm aimbot
Chile Zumbao Perm aimbot
Morocco ach_killer Perm Wallhack (ZEE) & Evading
Italy ITA Perm Aimbotter and evader
Germany *)-(otTurkHater* Perm Aimbot
Germany )-(ot*TurkHater* Perm Aimbot
Honduras loki.jr Perm Aimbot
Australia Baseline Perm Baseline

.sG Public 1 on 1 Server salogin ilovesg
Total Bans: 1
Name Duration Reason
Australia Baseline Perm Baseline

.sG Match Server 1 [NO ACE][ www.sto-gam
Total Bans: 1
Name Duration Reason
Australia Baseline Perm Baseline