Tactical Ops 3.4 Knife Tournament (Tactical Ops 3.4 - Individual Tournament)

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EventTactical Ops 3.4 Knife Tournament
Type1v1 - Individual Tournament
GameTO.gif Tactical Ops 3.4
Starts12 May 2013, 11:00 PM
Event is over
DescriptionThis is a 1v1 knife cup on tactical ops 3.4. This tournament is open to everyone and you must enter it by the 13th of May.
Rules1. Match Info
1.1 The map played on must be sG_Pedastal-nt (Available fro the download area)
1.2 Players may play on their own server if secured with ACE, however it is preferred that players play on one of the sG tournament servers.
1.3 The play format is 16 rounds. You may change teams at 8 if you wish but it is not required (As both sides have equal advantage)
1.4 Throwing of the knife is NOT permitted (or possible).
1.5 If you fall off the edge then the round is a win for your opponent

2. Players
2.1 It should go without saying that players are expected to play clean and fair. This includes but is not limited too:
- No cheating
- No bugging
- No tweaking
- No flaming
2.2 Treat your opponent with respect and how you would like to be treated in return

3. Submission
3.1 When the start date arrives the system will automatically schedule player matches (you will need to contact your opponent to arrange a suitable time, PM is the recommended form of communication)
3.2 Please play your matches as soon as possible and approve them as soon as possible or you may be forced to forfeit.
3.3 Submitting match images is not required, however you are advised to take images of your scores incase there is a problem later
3.4 If there is a dispute match data may be needed e.g. demos screenshots etc. In such a case PM or email Apo
3.5 The winner of the match is the person responsible for submitting the match info, the looser just has to approve it.

The servers dedicated to this league are .sG Knife Cup Server A and .sG Knife Cup Server B
You can connect to them by typing server.sto-gaming.org:8888 and server.sto-gaming.org:5555 respectively.
The SALogin on both servers is ilovesg
Round 1
Best Of 1
Round 2
Best Of 1
Round 3
Best Of 1

7 match(es) played

1 Apo07 May 2013
2 J^asper08 May 2013
3 RuthlesS.-09 May 2013
4 .spoD^ [spod]10 May 2013
5 Kaivo11 May 2013
6 Thomas12 May 2013
7 DarkRaven12 May 2013
8 1shot2go12 May 2013