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Apo on 2 months ago
Why has there been such a dramatic shift in server usage?
ZEE.WONK on 2 months ago
Frozen scar is a great map so why not tongue
RuthlesS on 2 months ago
That's more your style
ninho on 2 months ago
baguette in ur arse?
RuthlesS on 2 months ago
The suggestion of adding Cold has already crashed the server.. Your fault Ninho tongue
ninho on 2 months ago
yup tongue
Apo on 2 months ago
Cold is a crash map and people really want frozen scar? :O
ninho on 2 months ago
wazaaaa Apo, some players are asking two maps : frozen scar & cold
ninho on 2 months ago
speedcore, you're my fan
Gallard0 on 2 months ago
Is there a place where I could find demo files of skilled frags and stuff, I'd like to make a montage.
speedCore on 2 months ago
everywere i go, bitches always know, speedy has a tiny dick, that he needs to show.
MARTY on 2 months ago

Most info is on the TO discord nowadays
Axl_Rose on 2 months ago
Where do i find any informations like the results or the teams? There is nothing here on the forum. I hope Bazoo was a real leader of the winners.
MARTY on 2 months ago
Would be fun too watch for sure, Sef
joeycracknl on 2 months ago
A quick n dirty setup of OBS barely takes 5min, of course if you want max quality video or stream it would require a bit of testing and tuning.

As long as you use this color profile since OBS doesnt record TO's brightness setting and footage will be very dark.
ninho on 2 months ago
yeah marty, but thats nice for some nostalgia, isn't? tongue
Apo on 2 months ago
I havent used OBS for streaming games I have used it for streaming FPV racing feeds and it didnt take me that long to set that up. Probably easier to stream your screen. you can also record the whole feed and watch it back when ever you like
MARTY on 2 months ago
Yeah lots of work for probably a really small amount of (potential) viewers.
ninho on 2 months ago
its a lot of work
Apo on 2 months ago
would be cool to grab all the feeds with OBS and make a steam containing all the players
ZEE.WONK on 2 months ago
+1 iindex
Peterie on 2 months ago
@Joey, semi finals and finals will be played later. But everyone should have demos smile.
joeycracknl on 2 months ago
If nobody recorded perhaps somebody have demo file of final? I could record demo and put on youtube pleased
iindex on 2 months ago
Would love it everyone had to stream it while they played.
We'd get to hear comms, fee like we are in the game, and see who suddenly lost all of their skill biggrin
joeycracknl on 2 months ago
I guess in the end it require lots of time, but it aint no problem if you do it in chunks over a longer period of time.
Its allot more fun flying thru maps taking a screenshot, then collecting, repacking and testing map files smile In a way as if i can finally enjoy the work i put into that. I only have done 326/2153 maps but it already starts to look like a nice photo album already (
ZEE.WONK on 2 months ago
Still 2k+ minutes eiaeia
joeycracknl on 2 months ago
I dont think ill ever setup a download section on my website that displays screenshots on same page for time and storage reasons, plus with google drivr you can download the complete file archive in one click (of you wait for google to zip the files totether that is lol) spam biggrin
joeycracknl on 2 months ago
@ZEE.WONK I managed to minimize time it takes, I run a local copy of my map archive server. Then run TO windowed not fullscreen with Fraps for screenshots i do about one map / minute. Most annoying thing is mapvote and maplist in Windows not in same order so manually renamimg screenshots ruins the flow.

@ Apo what do you mean linking screenshots? Only have 5GB on and 4.3GB is taken by my public redirect.

So to browse/explore maps i have 3 ways, the map archive servers with custom mapvote and search function, the google drive with the repacked custom maps downloads and another drive folder for browsing screenshots.
ZEE.WONK on 2 months ago
That will take lots of time O.o
Fl0oID on 2 months ago
Lets say it like that. Every game will be recorded and we are picking the teams live tomorrow
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