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speedCore on 1 month ago
hello guys im new to this game biggrin

Apo on 1 month ago
I did an update of the site and it got broken. Hadn't got around to fixing it yet
.spoD^ on 1 month ago
where is the member list?!
MARTY on 2 months ago
crying ernaehrung004
Deltafoce71 on 2 months ago
any one CTF ?
Apo on 2 months ago
ernaehrung004 sg server

speedCore on 3 months ago
danke wel.

#BUE lmao
RAO on 3 months ago
ninho on 3 months ago
speedCore on 4 months ago
im server admin @ miau with different name eek

Apo on 4 months ago
yeah they all go miau and I cant ban you there so I dont like risking playing biggrin
speedCore on 4 months ago
niemand komt hier toch biggrin

sjenkie in mn eigen koelkast d'jongen,
speedCore on 4 months ago
to quote ruthless,

sas times yea

were'd all you losers go?

#OBs ;(
speedCore on 5 months ago
dont worry floid, im always close.
RuthlesS on 6 months ago
Sad times..

I'm not online for a bit btw, my laptop is being repaired.
Fl0oID on 6 months ago
3 weeks and speedcore hasnt commented.
End is near
speedCore on 6 months ago

for dead chatbox.
joeycracknl on 7 months ago
@Peterie Before i blow up the sG Chatbox with large pages of text i have posted my reply to a paste site
Peterie on 7 months ago
@joey, would it be possible to ban a whole column of maps to be picked for a certain amount of maps? Would be great to prevent too many funmaps to be played after each other.
joeycracknl on 7 months ago
Maybe it would be cool for sg to run a server with either MapVoteXL or MapVoteUL, altough those mapvotes might be confusing for some and sometimes have issues if you open the mapvote and scoreboard at same time breaking the scoreboard till next map.

Plus side is you gain a search function making it more managable to have a larger map list and the ability to run 4 to 8 gametypes like CTF, DM, TDM, VIP, Monsters etc from same server.

You could also use 4 columns and sort maps on optimal player size trying to prevent a 20+ filled server voting on maps like desert destruction, but sadly you cant force that limit.

But yeah.. enough text for a shoutbox tongue
joeycracknl on 7 months ago
Yea i do hope the screenshots will give some more information about what maps are available. I realized most map will never see playtime so there for i decided to screenshot them, atleast they will be viewed in some way smile

And you are right about people wont vote on what they dont know, too bad TOST mapvote doesnt support map screenshots and the mapvotes that do need the files in the cache or installed so it kinda defeats it purpose of a ''preview''

I have to admit i greatly under estimated how hard it is too screenshot maps, some maps are big or have multiple area's and its hard to capture as much as possible into 1 screenshot. Like Nayare said its a monotonous job, luckily i spice it up with a few beers and smokes, this not a job you can do sober lol.
Apo on 7 months ago
I think it's a good idea and do use it. Trouble is its often hard to know which maps are good. The screenshots should help with that though. People don't vote maps they don't know which is also a problem so can be hard to discover decent maps
joeycracknl on 7 months ago
Yea i know most players give 0 shits about the custom maps, but that aint stopping me from making sure they don't vanish into thin air smile For me it was what made TO great back in the day, playing something new everyday.
Nay on 7 months ago
Right, even though the maps aren't what I miss in this game in general, I really appreciate what you've been doing here. This has to be incredibly monotonous to take care of.
Cheers mate ernaehrung004
joeycracknl on 7 months ago
O well maybe one day i will come across it when im taking screenshots of maps. But i have feeling that map is vanished with no trace left.

In a way i find it sad that many maps may have been lost, but on the other side it is great how much custom files are still left. ernaehrung004
Nay on 7 months ago
Both actually. I brought this up somewhere in the general forum. Hence we have fear warehouse on the server. But that map wasn't alike the maps you mentioned from fEar creator. It was sort of halloween/FEAR(the game) themed
joeycracknl on 7 months ago
@Nay you mean servers running that map or sites who have the map for download?
I do have these maps: TO-fEAr-RapidCampers, TO-fEAr-RapidSmall and TO-FEARwarehouse
Nay on 7 months ago
Truee, they were reasons I'd go to public servers just to have pure fun. Sadly no one seems to have FEAR themed Rapid Waters by Ghost_[Spirit]
ZEE.WONK on 7 months ago
Lots of rapiwaters remixes, Lots of fun tongue
joeycracknl on 7 months ago
Here guys, for those who like deep trip into nostalgia check my little photo album its taking shape slowly. Cool to see those crazy maps again, i miss those rapidwater remix's.
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