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Bullitproof on 18 hours ago
Hi Guys, How you all are doing. Sorry for being so inactive the last year, I hope you can forgive me... tongue
Fl0oID on 22 hours ago
Discord ist ein Progamm wie Teamspeak musst du dir runterladen, ich gib dir dann die IP wo wir alle kommunizieren
PredatorR on 2 days ago
Wie geht das..?Was ist der Discord Channel?
Fl0oID on 3 days ago
Apo i liked the way u could see stars from your amount of posts etc
Fl0oID on 3 days ago
Wir spielen jede nacht Mixwars, wenn du uns mal joinen willst komm einfach zum Tactical Ops Discord Channel
RuthlesS on 3 days ago
Always nice to see players returning! Have fun on the server(s).
Nay on 3 days ago
Hallo, nice to have you here playing with us
PredatorR on 3 days ago
Noch was vergessen...find das richtig gut das ihr die Seite hier habt und TO noch am Leben hält.So und jetzt gehts aufn Server...
PredatorR on 3 days ago
Hallo zusammen..und Danke für die Aufnahme hier im Forum.Kurz über mich...ich heiße Thomas und spiele TO wieder seit Anfang des Jahres.Habe damals 2002 angefangen und 2008 aufgehört.Naja jetzt wieder dabei und was soll ich sagen es macht einfach nur riesig Spaß.Achja mein Spielername war bislang DontHitMe...habe mich jetzt für diesen entschieden |`PredatorR. weil ich den auch früher hatte. on 1 week ago
Apo on 1 week ago
Done smile on 1 week ago
Apo, can you add the map Highschool to the server? Played this map few days on miau and everybody really liked it, including myself
Kaivo on 1 week ago
Just accept the prices and buy it, if its even on stock biggrin
Apo on 1 week ago
Anyone else fed up with this crypto mining bollocks? Just want a new graphics card at not 2.5 times the launch prices evil
Nay on 1 week ago
Back in the days I played 95% of the time on polish servers so didn't have such issues but ye any attempt to join for instance was risky enough
Kaivo on 1 week ago
Back in the days, i had admin in several different servers, because noobs thought i was cheating and i didnt even fake.
Nay on 1 week ago
No worries. I think I'm the most banned and unbanned player here. Can drive a man crazy lol
CaramelTaart on 1 week ago
Appologies Nay! didn't saw that topic yet.. was a quick reaction to yesterday. my bad..
RuthlesS on 1 week ago
Get a life.
speedCore on 2 weeks ago
Apo, think you should add me to honourable menmbers,
speedCore on 2 weeks ago
guys TO is dead, time the put the horse down.
Nay on 2 weeks ago
Not so many, but it happens
Nay on 2 weeks ago
Let's not go too far. If spotted a guy blatantly selling stuff and reconnecting at the round start to afford let's say a msg, I think he should be punished to death. I saw that many times even before, it's ridiculous.
Kaivo on 2 weeks ago
do really so many players do that?
Peterie on 2 weeks ago
@Nay, I like the idea of nerfing any too easy moneymaking ways. However, I think this is tricky. Because if possible at all I think the only way would be to disable selling in the last couple of seconds. However, this would also stop people from selling guns they acquired by killing others. I mean, if I sell my DE to buy a better gun at the start of the round and I pick one up I should be able to sell it imo.
Nay on 2 weeks ago
Should players get punished for selling weapons and reco at the round start to receive additional money equivalent to DE price? Especially on the first rounds
iindex on 2 weeks ago
Force buy every round, camp with the hostages, rush b, don't let apo play
Kaivo on 3 weeks ago
make a new one then biggrin
Apo on 3 weeks ago
Gotta love how the last post in the tactics forum was 7 years ago biggrin
Apo on 3 weeks ago
Yes I know i just broke the server removing maps. My start script is clever but not that clever apparently smile

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