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immortaL on 4 days ago
Kaivo ppl still playing in Miau server..
immortaL on 1 week ago
yooo bad boys how's going?
MARTY on 2 weeks ago
Kaivo on 2 weeks ago
so whats been going on here? Anything interesting? People still playing?
iindex on 2 weeks ago
Apo on 2 weeks ago
Kaivo on 2 weeks ago
MARTY on 3 months ago
Happy new year! ernaehrung004
Apo on 3 months ago
yep they are. Not sure when it will be released tho.

TO is the only online game I ever really enjoyed playing. Some awesome memories

Happy new year guys smile
MARTY on 3 months ago
Are they still working on that?

I completely agree index. I've many great memories from COD2, COD4 and even WoW, but TO will always remain special to me. Such a great game and community, even with all its flaws.
Apo on 3 months ago
They are doing that its called tactical ops 4 lol
Peterowsky on 4 months ago
First thing I do if I ever win the lottery is funding game design lessons so that I can remaster TO, haha
iindex on 4 months ago
It was childhood for a lot of us but no updates/lack of support from developers and the fact that it never made it onto anything like Steam meant it couldn't grow once the main retail version disappeared. It's a shame but most of my best gaming memories will always be in TO even after all the years of CS:GO etc.
Peterowsky on 4 months ago
Thank you Apo, such a shame that people don't play anymore (but that's to be expected from a 15 year old overshadowed shooter). This game was my childhood haha.
.spoD^ on 4 months ago
sG bday upcoming ernaehrung004
Apo on 4 months ago
Why's it fucked up? Did they ban you? biggrin
speedCore on 4 months ago
apo get a sto server m8 ... miau fucked up ...
Apo on 4 months ago
Hi, some people are still about. I don't really play much anymore and shut our servers down as people wern't using them. But I have fixed the download link for you smile
Peterowsky on 4 months ago
Hi, I was wondering if you guys are still active? I can't download TO:AOT from the downloads page (dropbox says error). I'm feeling very nostalgic and wanted to return.
foifittu on 4 months ago
spam spam
speedCore on 5 months ago
hello guys im new to this game biggrin

Apo on 5 months ago
I did an update of the site and it got broken. Hadn't got around to fixing it yet
.spoD^ on 5 months ago
where is the member list?!
MARTY on 6 months ago
crying ernaehrung004
Deltafoce71 on 6 months ago
any one CTF ?
Apo on 6 months ago
ernaehrung004 sg server

speedCore on 7 months ago
danke wel.

#BUE lmao
RAO on 7 months ago
ninho on 8 months ago
speedCore on 8 months ago
im server admin @ miau with different name eek


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