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speedCore on 55 mins ago
ok nice
ZEE.WONK on 7 hours ago
RuthlesS on 9 hours ago
It's a trap Animated_PWND
Nay on 16 hours ago
This gotta be an interesting appointment
sQizzje` on 17 hours ago
Apo on 21 hours ago
Speed i have to tell you something, meet me ingame? biggrin
Federico on 1 day ago
Speedcore are you gonna ban me because i'm Italian too?
Fl0oID on 1 day ago
2 crybabys
speedCore on 2 days ago
TO is so nice without all those yappin italians.

speedCore on 1 week ago
Diablos i have to tell you something, meet me ingame? biggrin

Kaivo on 1 week ago
DeathDiablos when will you grow up?
I swear half the complaints and issues are including you and your best mate painful
RuthlesS on 1 week ago
Lovely reading material with some popcorn. sign_trolls sign_trolls sign_trolls
Apo on 1 week ago
By getting admins kicked from the server you are stopping them doing their job and therefore you are a disruptive noob smile
Nay on 1 week ago
'I just voted SPOD, like everyone else ... because I'm not capable of having my own opinion'
Community in a nutshell
DeathDiablos on 1 week ago
Zee Wonk is not true that I accuse everyone of Painfull and you know it.
I just voted SPOD, like everyone else ... he only banned me.

Ban Reasons
2.1 You must not ban or kick anyone for fun.
2.2 You must not ban for the following: camping, non disruptive noobs
2.3 Only cheating should receive a permanent ban where possible use a temp ban.
2.4 You must always give a ban reason or the ban will be removed
2.5 Bugging, serious flaming & persistent faking should receive a 1 week ban
2.6 You must not ban a member of .sG

He did not respect these conditions, I do not keep talking, Always do what you want.

ZEE.WONK on 1 week ago
He does this every single day. Pretty annoying... if you mute he just keeps going. Same with painful rolleyes
speedCore on 1 week ago
he calls everyone a cheater, ur lucky spod was there lmao biggrin
.spoD^ on 1 week ago
Chill out, you were only banned for 24 hours to cool down. You instigated the players to voteban me and rumoured that I'd cheat. After you ignored my warnings and mute, you left me no other choice. Behave yourself the next time
speedCore on 1 week ago
are you a US Senator?
DeathDiablos on 1 week ago
Mr. SPOD has abused his power of administrator.
Voted by all the server because he was accused of cheaters, he only banned me without a valid reason.
If justice exists, pretending to be lifted from office.
Apo on 1 week ago
if you search the ban on the list load it and then change the ban duration and click save it should update
.spoD^ on 1 week ago
Intended to ban someone for limited time (1 day) but entered the line prematurely. Any idea how to convert perm ban to limited ban? Else, I'll just remove the ban manually from the list the day after
Peterie on 2 weeks ago
If you want to be unbanned make an appeal on the forum.
Fagostino on 2 weeks ago

are banned by your servers can you be deleted from the black list? I was banned like allah-AK-47 was just a joking nick
Nay on 2 weeks ago
Oh yeah, it totally came out of my mind. Thank you
Apo on 2 weeks ago
stoftw is the game pass
Nay on 2 weeks ago
Guys what is the server pass to sG Match Server? SA and previous one don't work
Kaivo on 3 weeks ago
Key to success is to be always logged in after you manage to write the right captcha the very first time.
Unless you like to suffer
ZEE.WONK on 3 weeks ago
@Nay, Correct
Nay on 3 weeks ago
This guy has just got kicked by TOST for CI-EH. I remember it most of the time to be the reason for a HelioS code injected, not always though. I didn't serve any ban, just posting it here

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    set next map TO-Avalanche

    will you add Harbor aswell? :)
    Posted by 3 days ago
  • Apo

    set next map TO-Avalanche

    Sorry for the delay. Blame Mozilla for stopping support of my favourite FTP client :( You should now be able to vote it :)
    Posted by 4 days ago
  • RuthlesS

    set next map TO-Avalanche

    Hi Ducki,Can't do that for you. But maybe server admin will add it..
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  • vilcsi

    set next map TO-Avalanche

    Yo,Hope you are well. Can you put Avalanche back on the map list please? It is a great map and it would be nice to play it! PeacePS: To never dies....
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    Make sG great again!

    Zomo you had right :PLogitech started to hack miau server yesterday xOCuz he got SA denied lol
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    Make sG great again!

    I'm bitching about that cooldown, aren't I? Its purpose is to keep people on the server, not to bring them onto.Maybe for players closer to Netherl...
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    Make sG great again!

    ZOMO xDIdk if it's less lag there, But i actually hitting my targets (same ping +/-)It's shame when there is so much servers and so little players....
    Posted by 6 months ago
  • joeycracknl

    Make sG great again!

    @.spoD^ After you posted logitec hack meme here something funny.. Its strange i have this domain, with being a file red...
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