.sG Stats Reset

 Apo    28 Mar : 22:12
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So the last reset was October 2016, to give people the chance to get up the top the stats have been reset once again. The top 20 players on the stats for October to March can be seen in the historical stats archive here

.sG & Fnv Merge

 Apo    28 Mar : 22:08
 None    Clan News

Since both our clans have struggled to find enough active members to play wars it's was decided to combine our members. The Fnv guys have merged into .sG and we will play under the .sG tag. cpN, Fl0oID, hauwiE, MARTY and RowdyRussia have been added to the members list.

.sG Public Server 2

 Apo    17 Jan : 07:48
 None    Clan News

New server online

Due to the issues caused by having a servers with many people on it it has been decided to reduce the slots on the public server and open a second server. The second server has FF enabled and if there are any other settings you think should be changed let me know and we can experiment.

IP: s1.sto-gaming.org:4444

Latest forum posts

    Re:Make sG great again!

    Zomo you had right :PLogitech started to hack miau server yesterday xOCuz he got SA denied lol
    Posted by ZEE.WONK 1 week ago
  • Nay

    Re:Make sG great again!

    I'm bitching about that cooldown, aren't I? Its purpose is to keep people on the server, not to bring them onto.Maybe for players closer to Netherl...
    Posted by Nay 2 weeks ago

    Re:Make sG great again!

    ZOMO xDIdk if it's less lag there, But i actually hitting my targets (same ping +/-)It's shame when there is so much servers and so little players....
    Posted by ZEE.WONK 2 weeks ago
  • joeycracknl

    Re:Make sG great again!

    @.spoD^ After you posted logitec hack meme here something funny.. Its strange i have this domain to-files.nl, with uz.to-files.nl being a file red...
    Posted by joeycracknl 2 weeks ago
  • Apo

    Re:Make sG great again!

    Map cool down was lowered from 12 to 8 about 2 or 3 months back I have just lowered it to 5 although I’m not sure what difference it makes. People ...
    Posted by Apo 2 weeks ago
  • .spoD^

    Re:Make sG great again!

    Logitech be like:
    Posted by .spoD^ 2 weeks ago
  • Nay

    Re:Make sG great again!

    1. It's always a minority complaining, but they do, that's why they are noticeable. Setting cd to 4-6 is fine.2) I, for one, would delete lots of t...
    Posted by Nay 2 weeks ago

    Re:Make sG great again!

    Probably just a period.Happens all the time. I do not even play Tactical Ops at the moment, because i just do not feel like it, but i will b...
    Posted by MARTY 2 weeks ago
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