.sG Public Server 2

 Apo    17 Jan : 07:48
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New server online

Due to the issues caused by having a servers with many people on it it has been decided to reduce the slots on the public server and open a second server. The second server has FF enabled and if there are any other settings you think should be changed let me know and we can experiment.

IP: s1.sto-gaming.org:4444

Stats Reset

 Apo    31 Oct : 22:48
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Game stats have been reset

So with the new site as promised comes a gameserver stats reset. The new stats page means that the previous top 20 are archived and can be found here

Major Site Rework

 Apo    21 Oct : 16:50
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If you frequent this site you are no doubt aware that it has changed.

If you frequent this site you are no doubt aware that it has changed. A major change of the site CMS has been the driving force for all these changes. What exactly has happened I hear you cry. A list of changes can be found below:
  • Change of theme for the site (the layout) - The old one is not compatible
  • Users can select between a dark and light theme in their user settings
  • Mobile phone support has been added, this took the majority of the time.
  • Social media integration, you can log in with facebook and share things including stats.
  • Honourable past members page added.
  • A historical top 20 players page will now be added each time the game stats are reset.
  • Player of the week and weekly stats generate their own page and contain far more information.
  • Gamestats searching can now be done from the main site search bar.
  • A major rework of the teamspeak page, although not obvious for most users.
  • A server list page has been added
  • A semi admin member list has been created along with a semi admin rules page
  • A large number of minor less obvious tweaks.

If you manage to find any issues please do let me know so it can be resolved. Furthermore if you are handy with photoshop or the like and want to make a nice banner please get in touch. I'm not a very artistic person.

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